Friday, May 24, 2013

Top Fleet Branding and Truck Wrap Examples

By Dan Antonelli / President & Creative Director, NJ Fleet Branding Agency Graphic D-Signs, Inc.

Fleet branding and truck wraps provide the best ROI for your business.

The best fleet branding and truck wraps start with a great brand and logo.

Here's some examples of our favorite small business truck wraps and fleet branding we've designed at Graphic D-Signs - The Small Business Advertising Agency. You'll note how after we first designed their brand identity, we made sure that the branding was able to be integrated into the fleet wrap design and fleet branding. Several of these award-winning HVAC wrap designs have been featured in various trade magazines catering to heating and air contractors, including HVACR Magazine which awarded GDS 7 awards in the last three years.

The key to effective fleet branding is the brand itself. Start with a poor brand, and your bound to have a poor fleet wrap design. The primary reason why most wraps today are failures from a marketing perspective is because the business has a poor brand. Effect fleet branding requires a very specific expertise and understanding about brand implementation.

Below are several examples illustrating effective fleet branding. Note that none deploy photographs of any kind. Resist the urge to have photos on your vehicles. It's a common mistake many businesses make. Photos don't reinforce your branding - they take away from it instead. Every inch of photography on your truck is less space for your brand. Remember - keep your messaging simple, and brand centric.

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Fleet branding and vehicle wrap design for an HVAC company in San Antonio, Texas.
fleet branding, electrical contractor wrap design, electrician truck wrap
Unique fleet branding and vehicle wrap design for an electrical contractor in PA.

hvac fleet branding, fleet branding
Retro-themed fleet branding and vehicle wrap design for an HVAC company.

fleet branding, hvac truck wraps
A cute retro character forms the foundation for this fleet branding.
fleet branding, best hvac truck wrap, heating and air truck wrap example.
Fleet branding and truck wrap design for an HVAC company in San Antonio, Texas.

Retro HVAC Truck Wrap
Fleet branding integrating a retro theme into the wrap design.

Retro themed truck wrap example and fleet branding for a plumbing, heating and air company near Chicago.

Truck wrap example showing effective brand integration and fleet branding for a heating and air contractor in Fayeteville.

Fleet branding
Award-winning retro-themed fleet branding and truck wrap for heating and air firm in Palm Springs, CA. We also handled their branding and web site.
Retro themed fleet branding for an HVAC company in Union, NJ
Retro fleet branding and truck wrap design for a heating and air conditioning company.

HVAC vehicle wrap example

Fleet wrap example for an HVAC company in Oklahoma.

heating and cooling truck wrap

Award winning truck wrap design and fleet branding for heating and air conditioning company in Chicago area.

fleet wrap for HVAC company

HVAC Truck wrap example and rebranding for heating and cooling company in Tacoma, WA. This company had their leads via their trucks increase four-fold since rebranding their fleet.

HVAC contractor truck wrap example

Award-winning mascot design and fleet branding on this retro-themed truck wrap design for this NJ HVAC contractor.

example of best fleet branding for Heating and Cooling company

Award-winning Fleet graphic example and identity development for HVAC contractor in Florida, which won 2012 Tops in Trucks for HVACR Magazine.

example of HVAC company vehicle wrap design

Retro themed van wrap for HVAC company in Utah.

example of best truck wrap design

Fleet wrap design for HVAC company in San Diego, CA.
fleet wrap desing for HVAC contractor

Award winning retro truck wrap and fleet branding example for HVAC contractor in FL.

fleet branding, best fleet branding, fleet truck wraps

Retro truck wrap and fleet branding for HVAC company in Georgia.

Truck wrap and fleet branding example for an HVAC company in Falmouth, MA.

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