Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Top Examples for Plumbing Truck Wraps

By Vin Ferrer / Social Media Strategist, NJ Advertising Advertising Agency Graphic D-Signs, Inc.

For the less glamorous services available in today's market like plumbing companies, differentiation may be a tall order. Still, this presents a unique opportunity for some well-placed and implemented creativity to help separate your brand from the rest of the competition.

The fundamentals of the business remain the same: a commitment to friendly, efficient, timely and effective service will gain you word-of-mouth notoriety. However, an easy way to spur that word-of-mouth along is with a properly executed truck wrap design or fleet branding effort for larger businesses.

Take a look at some of the eye-catching truck wrap designs we've created for plumbing companies and contractors. They certainly do scream quality, professionalism, and positivity--all before you even experience their service. When a company can do that without even lifting a finger, you can be sure business is moving in the right direction!

plumbing service truck wrap, plumbin truck wrap example 1, best plumbing truck wrap design 1
 Here's a retro-themed truck wrap design for a plumbing, heating and air company near Chicago. 
It took home silver at this year's New Jersey Art Directors Design Awards. 

plumber truck design, plumbing contractor design
 Here's one of our best plumbing truck wraps, designed for a Florida HVAC & plumbing service.

plumbing company fleet design, plumbing company fleet branding
 We had some fun with this unique lettering design for a Minnesota plumbing company.

plumbing company fleet branding
 A truly Americana-type retro design for this California-based plumbing & HVAC company.

truck wrap for plumbing company, best truck wrap for plumbing company
 Time-honored values and modern efficiency is communicated in this NJ-based plumbing company truck wrap.

best plumbing service design, best plumbing service truck design 
A modernized retro design for the fleet branding of this NJ plumbing & HVAC company.

best plumbing truck wrap design
 This Las Vegas HVAC & plumbing service has a truck wrap that really pops off "The Strip."

best truck design for plumbing industry

 One of our best mascot-themed  plumbing truck wraps & fleet branding designs immediately shows a rock-solid brand promise.

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