Monday, March 4, 2013

Rebranding Success: Metromedia Energy's New Corporate Identity

By Dan Antonelli / President & Creative Director, NJ Advertising Agency Graphic D-Signs, Inc. 

Giving this Energy Marketer the Power to Stand Out

GDS designs a new corporate identity for this NJ based energy firm.

Like many of our clients, Metromedia Energy (MME) approached us with some brand challenges. Their target audience has misconceptions about electricity and natural gas procurement, which has led to industry mistrust. There are many options for reducing electricity and natural gas costs, so it is difficult for target audiences to navigate the competitive landscape and identify the best energy partner. In addition, many consumers have been taken for a ride or burned by energy broker scams. We were challenged to create a new brand identity that evoked professionalism, expertise and credibility in this challenging industry. Embarking on a brand overhaul, we developed an identity and tagline that positions the company for greater success.

Continuing on MME's brand journey, we developed a brand identity guide that defines the foundation for clear, consistent brand communication. The new MME brand strategy and guidebook defines, in detail, how to execute all products required during the branding process—from signage and apparel to print and website. Keeping a consistent look and feel across media platforms shows that a business is dependable and professional, and this instills trust in client relationships.

Along with the new MME brand came the execution of print ads, sale sheets, folders, stationery, website, social media, signage and uniform designs. Metromedia Energy now has a brand that truly encompasses who they are: a brand they can stand behind.

Here is the new corporate logo design and branding for New Jersey and Massachusetts based energy company, Metromedia Energy

Layout, design and copywriting for Metromedia Energy's corporate branding and print advertising

Corporate stationery design and printing for Metromedia Energy

Web site design and copywriting for NJ and Massachusetts based energy company, Metromedia Energy

Corporate logo design and branding used in Metromedia Energy's social media design integration

Direct mailing label design and printing with Metromedia Engery new corporate logo design

Metromedia Energy uniforms with new corporate logo design and brand integration

 Collateral and brochure design, copywriting and printing for tri-fold brochure featuring new corporate logo design and branding for Metromedia Energy

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